About Us

Over the years Canikon SA has been recognized for its dynamism and its growth with the following characteristics.


  • Takes in mind the desires and the needs of its clients.
  • Offers significant real estate assets and investment opportunities to its clients.
  • Prepares full architectural drawings including the necessary documentation to issue the construction licenses on behalf of its clients.
  • Creates full interior design and décor including the inovative landscaping of the outdoors.
  • Selects and offers remarkable building materials and stylish finishing surfaces to its clients.
  • Provides full construction and management of each project in terms of offering project “turnkey” hand over to its clients.

The capabilities of the firm in full real estate development and project management both for the contractor or the private client are simply limitless.

Canikon SA has the structure and the skillful team to provide unique solutions to each of its clients’ demands. Its experience in seeking, developing and selling real estate assets, is a guarantee to its clients of its unlimited standards once constructing a property within strictly decided budgets and time frames.

Experienced real estate consultants, architects and engineers listen and analyze its clients’ demands and every time offer them full package solutions in real estate development.

Pavlos Nysianakis CEO Founder CA.NI.KON. S.A.


Pavlos Nysianakis is a licensed civil engineer by the National Technical University and retrained at doctoral level by the Technical University of Milan.
He is the Founder, President and CEO of CA.NI.KON. S.A.

His education is specialized in the construction, upgrading, support and operation of Wellness and Physical Care Centers
(Spa and Gyms).

He had been involved in many Private Civil engineering works, Building Restorations, Spa facilities and Gyms all over the world.

During recent years, he has focused on the development of Tourist Properties at the “Best Land Development for Its Use” level, as well as in the construction of complex buildings, as Offices, Shops, Shopping Stores and Food Service Establishments.

After many years of professional career in identifying professional opportunities, he now focuses on the research of opportunities for foreign investors at the Greek real estate market.

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